A Project by Roosevelt University journalism students       in the convergence newsroom

Roosevelt University journalism students in the undergraduate Convergence Newsroom course led by Professor John W. Fountain examined the efforts to save young African American men in the city of Chicago during the Winter/Spring 2011 semester. The student-journalists sought to capture the faces, voices and stories of those on the frontlines. What emerges in their work is an intimate portrait of the hope and also the efforts of those working to stem the tide of homicide, an alarming school dropout rate and the social forces that threaten the health, well being and lives of young black males. What becomes clear, even from this journalistic snapshot, is that many men and women, black, white and brown--people with heart and singularly-minded in purpose--are working every day to make a difference. For more of the students' multimedia project like the presentation below, including videos, photo slideshows, written stories and podcasts, click on link below:


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